The Evangelical Church

The Faroese national evangelical church is traditionally referred to as the Church of the Faroe Islands. At the turn of the 19th and 20th century, most Faroese citizens were members of the Church of the Faroe Islands.

Today, there are 40,891 members – 80 percent of the total Faroese population.
The Evagelical church preside over a number of services: christening, confirmation, weddings, funerals, certifications, change of names.

In our municipality there are four churces. Service is every Sunday at 11 AM.

Integration vicar

Marjun Lómaklett is the integration vicar for the Faroese church.
She is well-equipped for the job. After her theology studies in Denmark, she worked for five years as a vicar in Denmark, followed by eight years as a vicar in a multicultural environment in the Middle East, and for the past five years, she has worked as a vicar in the Klaksvík area.

“On behalf of the Faroese church, I want to help newcomers find their feet in their new country and adjust to their new language and culture” Marjun Lómaklett

By offering English-language church services to those who are at the early stages of learning Faroese, the plan is to ease the transition for these people to eventually be able to enjoy church services conducted in their new language, Faroese.

“I hope that events like these will give newcomers a chance to get to know not only other newcomers but also other Faroese people. In other words, we hope to bridge the ‘us and them’ gap.”

Marjun hopes that people – locals and newcomers alike – will welcome this new initiative by attending the events.

“I would like to meet as many people from as many different backgrounds as possible and meet them on their own terms. If I cannot help directly, I’ll make sure to direct them to someone who can.” 

 Marjun can be contacted by email at:

Integration vicar brochure

Sørvágs kirkja

Kirkjuvegur 14
380 Sørvágur

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Bíggjar kirkja

Smiðjuvegur 12
386 Bøur

Skúlin í Gásadali

Tøðutún 10
387 Gásadalur

Mykinesar kirkja

Sodnhúsvegur 11
388 Mykines

Missiónshúsið Libanon

Traðarbrekka 28
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Ovarivegur 13
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